Kylie Jenner's makeup artist has an awesome fix for mascara mistakes

It’s definitely out there…

kylie jenners makeup artist reveals best way to fix mascara mistakes

Hands up whose morning is nearly ruined on the daily by sleepily splodging mascara on your nose, cheek eyelid etc., basically anywhere but your lashes?

Raises hand, gets angry at the memories

Well, Kylie Jenner’s makeup artist, Hrush Achemyan, has spilled on her genius way of getting rid of those beauty boo boos. And given all of the awesome insights we’ve had into Kylizzle’s beauty routine so far in 2015, and the fact that her own beauty prodz sold out in ridiculous time, we’re taking her word as Bible.

Rather than reaching straight for a q-tip, finish off the rest of your face and go back to the smudge at the end. Hrush says that once the mascara’s dried it’s way easier to remove, so simply scratch it off with a clean spool and cover up any dark residue with concealer. The result? #flaweless

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