I let Kendall and Kylie Jenner's hairstylist cut my hair and here's what happened

5 things I learnt from hair genius, Jonathan Colombini.

By Alexis Teasdale
kylie kendall jenner hairdresser Jonathan Colombini lessons

1. There’s a difference between the *texture* of your hair and the *density* of your hair.

The texture is whether your actual strands are fine, thick or medium. Then the density is how much of it you have. Why you need to know? Because not every celeb hair cut will suit your combo. Example: I have wanted a thick, lush fringe FOREVER. But I know I can’t have it without SERIOUS straightening every morning thanks to my fine, wavy yet super dense hair. #letitgo

2. Choose a cut that will look awesome when you let your hair air-dry.

Or one that requires low-key styling. Not only will it make your life 234% easier, it also harks back to point 1: finding a style that suits yours YOUR HAIR, not Jennifer Lawrence’s. Sure you can try your favourite celeb's cut, but be warned, said celeb often has that hair cut, styled, maintained and trimmed daily. You got that too? Go for it.

3. Don’t tell your stylist what you want, tell them what you *don’t* want.

If I was to sit in the chair and list all the things I wish I could have, I would be saying Giselle’s highlights; Sienna Miller’s curtain bangs circa early 2000’s; Gigi’s length and Khloe’s blunt edges. Can I have all that? No. Instead, bring up what you definitely don’t want, like specific lengths and colours.

Here's what Jonathan went for with me:

4. Speaking of blunt edges, they’re definitely a trend.

It’s in the stylist's technique. They use the scissors to cut across the hair instead of making little pointy cuts into the edges, which is a softer finish that most of us have.

5. Or do as the Kardashian/Jenner clan does, and cut extensions – not your real hair.

Wondering how Khloe can go from a blunt-edged lob to long silky locks without seeing any of the choppy layers? Because those blunt edges were the ends of tape-in extensions! Clever! So if you’re really keen to try something a bit edgier, but don’t want it to last long, have the tape extensions added, then cut those. You could try the Koko cut, or a short at the back, longer in the front kinda deal, like Jonathan gave me!

Which I love, btw. <3

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