Lauren Curtis’ Coachella beauty diary

Beauty influencer @lozcurtis talks us through her Coachella ~lewks~.

By Erin Cook

You guys, YouTuber/Instagrammer/girl boss Lauren Curtis is at Coachella right now! TBH, we wish we were there with her — did you see Beyoncé's performance?! — but unfortunately, we're stuck in Australia.

Seeing as we're not at Coachella — yes, we're bringing it up again 'cause FOMO — we're living vicariously through Lauren instead.

In previous years, Coachella was a chance for beauty aficionados to go all-out. But this year, the vibe was a little more toned down and Lauren was all about those neutral tones. "I went for soft, natural looks using earthy tones, rather than bright theatrical makeup," she told Cosmo. "I absolutely love the dramatic fun looks but I just don't think it suits me, and I'd rather do what makes me feel most confident."

She did take a whole bunch of crazy glitter products with her but decided against it on the day. "I didn't use jewels or glitter (even though I packed it)," she said.

Instead of going full-crazy with her makeup, Lauren took some new products and just went a tad more dramatic than usual. "I brought a bag full of Nude By Nature products with me, some I'd used before and others I hadn't," she said. "I just used earthier tones and darker colours than I would normally, and added some gold eyeliner accents to different areas of my face (under my eyebrows, for example)."

Lauren's Coachella MVP? Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face Sunscreen Lotion SPF50+ ($16.99 at Priceline). "The Neutrogena sunscreen while out in the sun all day was a must."