This LimeCrime Unicorn hair dye lets you dye your hair without bleaching it

Great news for brunettes!

Of all the cray hair trends that have come and gone, it seems the Unicorn hair trend ain’t going anywhere in a hurry. But, unlike gals with bleached hair, many of our brunette sisters have been left out of the magical colour action. That is, until now.

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LimeCrime have come out with a new drop of their Unicorn Hair dye, but unlike the other colours in the range, the new dyes have been especially developed for brown hair! Formulated with maximum pigment to appear in light to medium brown hair, each dye in the Dark Unicorn collection will show up in vibrant colours without the need for any bleaching. And for those of you with darker brown hair, the dye will still show up, but as more of a tint.

So far, there are four deep shades in the range, including:

Sea Witch, a rich teal.

Squid, an ink purple.

Charcoal, a charcoal grey.

Chestnut, a rich maroon brown.

It’s taken LimeCrime’s CEO Doe Deere 3 years to develop their semi-permanent Unicorn Hair dye, which promises to be gentle on the hair with no potential for damage. This formula has been made using only vegan ingredients, is cruelty-free, and contains no ammonia, peroxide or bleach.

Each of the Unicorn Hair shades has also been designed to fade out gradually and “gracefully” (as LimeCrime would say), so you won’t find yourself with some nasty hair shade once the initial colour disappears. The collection is already available to shop on