This cosmetic procedure has had a MAJOR spike

And people think Kylie Jenner is the reason.

This cosmetic procedure has had a MAJOR spike

After much speculation and WAY too many lip plumping experiments, Kylie Jenner finally admitted to having lip fillers, and as it turns out the demand for the procedure has seriously inflated.

According to a report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, lip augmentations were more popular than ever before in 2015, with people speculating it’s because of Kylie.

Doctors however, (as the level-headed people they tend to be), believe it comes down to society’s obsession with the flawless selfie culture, as opposed to the Lip Kween.

"Many come in saying they want [Kylie's] lips," Doctor David Shafer told Mashable. "She certainly has a huge implant on lip injections and the transformation is obvious and is remarkable on her social media."

"More and more we are seeing younger clients doing minor lip enhancement," Dr David Colbert continued. "There is a growing pressure from the Instagram selfie generation to look your best online. It's almost as if cyber reality has outdone simple life."

Lip augmentation also tends to be popular thanks to its convenience.

"Patients are very likely to undergo the procedure because it is usually a quick one, has immediate results and has a dramatic effect on the patient persona," Doctor Norman Rowe told Mashable.

It’s not crazy expensive either, with real self stating the average Australian price tends to be $825 but prices can start as low as around the $400 mark. It’s also not too painful, which means it's a lot easier for people to have done.

Apparently butt lifts and breast lifts have also become more popular, but we’ve got NO idea which celebrities could be influencing those stats…

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