This yellow lipstick changes colour when you apply it

One word: NEED.

Lipstick Queen is a brand of our own hearts.


Well, first and foremost, we like our beauty products to do what they claim they can do. But once that's out of the way, we're also partial to makeup that we can have a little fun with.

After the popularity of their Frog Prince lipstick – which transforms from green to pink, BTW – Lipstick Queen are set to release a lippie that appears yellow, but morphs into a peachy pink colour on your lips. This brand spankin' new product is called Mornin' Sunshine and we need it in our hot little hands, ASAP! Actually, we need it yesterday!

Full disclosure: We haven't had the chance to trial Lipstick Queen's Mornin' Sunshine shade just yet. However, we did review the Frog Prince shade – and we weren't disappointed.

In the same manner as the brand's best-selling Frog Prince, the yellow-y Mornin' Sunshine lipstick reacts with the pH levels in your skin, creating a hue that is unique to you.

At this stage, Mornin' Sunshine is available exclusively at US retailer Space NK and before you ask, they do ship internationally. Hop to it!