These ‘Little Mermaid’ nails are completely ridiculous

We kind of like them though? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Jezz ManiacStylZ Instagram Little Mermaid Manicure

In a world where pregnant Kylie Jenner manis and pimple popping nails are a thing, any nail art that doesn't make us WTF, or turn us physically ill, is a breath of fresh air. So when we spotted this Little Mermaid-inspired mani, we were well and truly relieved to see a set of beautifully adorned nails, and not yet another whack nail design (see: Grinch Nails).

Munich-based nail artist Jezz ManiacStylZ recently took to Instagram to share her mesmerising "dinglehopper disaster" mani. And we're not sure where the 'disaster' part comes in exactly, because girl champions embellished stiletto nail art like no other.

Jezz nails the Under The Sea theme to a tee, creating the look with an iridescent teal polish as a base, splashings of silver glitter and a few strategically places diamantes.

To amp up the Little Mermaid vibes, Jezz also added a scattering of miniature seashells, an intricately sculpted mermaid tail, oh, a life-sized dinglehopper on her index finger. And if you're not sure what a 'dinglehopper' is exactly (and you spent your childhood under a rock), let us clarify…

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Nail art fit for Ariel herself would be incomplete without her grooming tool of choice!

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These are the kind of nails that the Disney Princess would definitely approve of.

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