This Lizzie McGuire makeup tutorial is all you need in your life

Pass the butterfly clips.

By Natasha Harding

Hilary Duff was undeniably one of the ‘It Girls’ of the early 2000s. Between listening to ‘Come Clean’ ON REPEAT and spritzing ourselves with wayyyy too much ‘With Love’, our favourite pass time was watching back-to-back eps of Lizzie Mcguire.

What’s not to love? She had a sassy cartoon alter-ego, Miranda and Gordo as dedicated bffs (but seriously, how good was Gordo?), and a babin’ fashion sense.

In short, Lizzie was everything goals.

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With the return of 90s and 00s trends such as chokers and maroon lipstick, there’s no time like the present to recreate Lizzie’s signature look.

And it seems we’re not the only ones who think so. Beauty instagrammer @ItsStephh has gone and created this Lizzie McGuire inspired tutorial and we’re OBSESSED.

We’re talking glittery pink eyeshadow, epic side fringe action and lipgloss that looks a little like Kylie’s Lip Kits (it seems some things never really go out of fashion, huh?).

It even gets Miranda and Gordo's tick of approval...

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Admittedly, Steph does look a helluva lot like Hilary Duff, but we still can't seem to stop watching this over and over and over again.

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