Lucy Hale Just Dyed Her Hair Pink And Now We Want To Do The Same

BRB, copying this look asap.

We may not have predicted this, but it seems as if pink hair is trending. First, Kim Kardashian jumped on the cotton candy-coloured trend (then husband Kanye West unexpectedly did the same) and now actress Lucy Hale is following suit.

The former Pretty Little Liars star showed off her new millennial pink 'do on Instagram yesterday, crediting celebrity hairstylist Kristin Ess for the fresh colour.

Prior to adding in the pink tone, Lucy's short brunette bob was filled with light blonde highlights, providing the perfect base to ensure the pink pigment would really shine. As you can see, the pink colour shows through more prominently on the lighter parts of Lucy's hair, and is less noticeable in the darker areas.

Hale used stylist Kristin Ess' Temporary Tint product to achieve the look, though sadly the Kristin Ess line isn't available in Australia just yet.

Of course, there are other options around if you want to emulate Lucy's look. We suggest trying BRITE ORGANIX Make Me Pastel Pink Shampoo and Conditioner.

This shampoo and conditioner combo will give blondes raspberry coloured locks, and will also help brunettes extend the lifespan of their pink hair when dyed at the salon.

While it may only be April, pastel pink is certainly shaping up to be the most unique hair colour trend of the year.