I tried the new Lush Jelly Masks and ZOMG, they’re so fun!

I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly.

By Erin Cook

Before we start, let's get one thing straight: I love face masks. A lot. Nothing - and I mean nothing - whips problem skin into shape quite like a mask does. And do you know what else I love? Lush.

So, you can imagine my sheer delight when Lush developed a brand spankin' new line of five Jelly Masks: FOMO, Just To Clarify, 1000 Millihelens, The Birth Of Venus and Bunny Moon. Naturally, I had to try them.

When Lush called these new prods Jelly Masks, they weren't kidding. Flip the jar over and your product will slide out of the container, in the same way Aeroplane Jelly would. [N.B. If you do play with your mask, make sure you put it back in its home, because that's what keeps it #fresh.]

Once you've finished admiring the texture of your Lush Jelly Mask, dig your fingers in and grab a good dollop of product. This might be a bit hard because the product is quite firm. You'll also have to ruin the perfectly round, smooth shape of the set jelly. Sigh... But a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do. Next, work the product between clean, dry hands until it forms a paste. Then, apply to a freshly washed face. Wait five to ten minutes before washing off with warm water and a cloth.

Personally, I tried the Bunny Moon mask. It's formulated for sensitive skin and contains a combination of moisturising and balancing ingredients, including: honey, rose oil, kaolin and chamomile and marigold petal. After using the Bunny Moon Jelly Mask, I woke up with soft skin - and a few pimples that had been forming calmed down overnight. (Win, win!) The only thing I will say is that the mask smelled like an arts and craft class. Not necessarily a bad thing, just interesting.

The other four masks are tailored to different skin concerns. The 1000 Millihelens Jelly Mask contains anti-inflammatory green tea and witch hazel, making it ideal for acne-prone skin. FOMO is made using a calming blend of calamine and rose, both of which reduce redness. While Birth of Venus is infused with kaolin clay, sea water and lavender oil to moisturise oily skin. Lastly, Just To Clarify contains orange and enzymic papaya juice to brighten skin.

One (or all) of the new Lush Jelly Masks deserve a spot on your Christmas wish-list - particularly Bunny Moon or 1000 Millihelens. 'Cause if you're anything like us, there are a few post-Christmas chocolate-induced breakouts headed your way.

Lush Jelly Masks cost $13.50 each and are available online or in store.