You need to see MAC’s new Colour Rocker lipstick range ft. BRIGHT NEON shades


By Erin Cook

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that MAC Cosmetics’ lipstick game is strong. Last year, they worked with a tetrachromat – AKA someone ~blessed~ with the ability to see 100 more colours than the rest of us – to develop their Liptensity collection.

It appears MAC aren’t done with discovering new hues because they just dropped their new Colour Rocker collection.

Warning: this new line features VERY BRIGHT NEON shades of lipstick.

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While there are a few nudes and a red chucked in there for good measure, most of the 28 new lipsticks are quite bold. Fluoro green – anyone? Or is turquoise more up your alley?

Obviously the Colour Rocker range isn’t for the fainthearted but hey – it’s nice to have options.

Colour Rocker shades will be available in the US from January 26 – March 9. We’re waiting to hear more about an Australian release date. Watch this space…