Genius alert! Magnetic false eyelashes are officially a thing

Screw glue.

By Natasha Harding

When it comes to beauty skills, there are few harder to master than the perfect cat eye or freestyle French manicure. And by ‘few’, we mean one. It goes by the name false eyelashes.

For years we’ve poked ourselves in the eye and glued our fingers together all for a set of asymmetrical falsies which sit a good centimetre above our lash line. Honestly, who knew something so small could be so goddamn evil?

But technology has FINALLY come to our rescue, so put down your wrecked lashes, small pot of shitty glue and step away – the future is here.

US company, One Two Lashes, have created falsies that use magnets to stay in place. Yep, you read that right. And they look just as good...

So, how does it work? Two sets of lashes, lined with a magnetic strip at the base, are used for each eye. One row is positioned above the natural lash line and the other below it, before the magnets pull the two rows together and secure them in place. Clever huh?

One Two Lash describes the new technology as ‘lightweight’ and ‘time-saving’ and we’ve got to agree, it sounds pretty hard to mess up - so we’re kinda converted.

As you might have already guessed, they’re a little more expensive than your normal set, averaging around $80 ($59 USD), buuuuuut they are reusable. When you add up how often you replace your disposable pairs, it’s not that big a difference.

Plus, this is one occasion where money can actually buy time and happiness.

The range of four lash types (original, bold, accent and filler) is already available for pre-order here, but no word yet on whether they’re going to start delivering to Australia.

BRB - praying to the lash kweens.

Holding image: @20minutes_friday.

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