Someone Destroyed Over $1000 Worth Of Makeup At Sephora

Some people just want to watch the world burn.

sephora store

Just when you think you’ve heard your fair share of Sephora horror stories, another one comes to make you seriously sad. And here it is. It seems like the makeup-destroying trend that we have watched in utter disgust has entered real-life, and someone’s local cosmetics store. Yep, you guessed it, someone went HAM on a makeup display and our hearts can’t take it.

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Makeup artist Brittney Nelson and her friend Anna Heath came across this makeup crime scene on a recent visit to Sephora, and even witnessed the perpetrator as they left the store, a small child who obviously hasn’t developed the devotion for makeup that we all have just yet. "We walked in right as a lady and her kid were hustling out of there," Nelson told INSIDER. She hadn’t actually seen the destruction take place, but the child’s “glittery footprints” were a pretty strong indicator the child was responsible for this monstrosity.

According to Nelson’s Facebook post detailing the incident, the child was responsible for destroying $1,300USD (that’s $1700AUD!) worth of Make Up Forever product, who guessed that they might’ve mistaken the colourful shadow palettes for finger paints. She also urged anyone shopping with kids to keep their little fingers away from product. “Mammas, please shop for your makeup without your tiny humans. It’s not fun for you...or them...or the expensive product,” said Nelson. “Anna Heath and I about passed out when we saw this atrocity.”

Nelson finished her Facebook post by saying what we were all feeling after seeing the wrecked Make Up Forever display. “This massive demolished palette makes me 😢. Makeup should always make me 😊.” Preach Brittney.