The reason everyone’s obsessed with ‘baking’ their makeup

First contouring, then strobing, and now, cooking.

The reason everyone’s obsessed with ‘baking’ their makeup

Creasy concealer haters, your makeup prayers have just been answered, because this drag queen makeup trick AKA ‘baking’ is going mainstream, and it’s got you covered (literally).

Essentially, instead of applying your face and running out the door of a morning, you should let your concealer ‘cook’ for 5 – 10 minutes, so your body heat can warm up the product and therefore prevent your makeup from creasing in those fine lines. (Read: more work, less sleep).

That said, if it does deliver what it promises, we’re definitely on board, because we’ll basically look like we got more sleep anyway.

The trick apparently, is applying not one, but TWO layers of concealer, and then dusting your eye area with translucent powder.

Then, according to beauty vlogger and makeup artist Heidi Hamoud, for the next step you’ll need a wedge sponge dampened with setting spray.

Dip your wedge into that same translucent powder, and then press a very generous amount on top of your concealer. Wait for it to set for 5 – 10 minutes.

Once you’re cooked, dust excess away with a fluffy brush and finishing powder, focusing on buffing the edges (whilst you add even more coverage).

Heidi Hamoud explains the whole shebang perfectly in the below ~mesmerising~ tutorial.

Face and life changed

Now, make like Nigella and BAKE.