Makeup of the future

It’s CGI beauty, because using a foundation brush is so 2013.

If you’ve ever seen a clip of before and after CGI effects in movies, you’ll know it’s pretty high-tech (and impressive) stuff. Some clever dudes have made it way more lady-friendly, using the same technology to project makeup onto a model’s face.

Tokyo-based producer Nobumichi Asai applied CGI patterns to a woman’s face using projection mapping (that’s what all those teensy spots are on her face). Her face is scanned and ‘mapped’, before a computer program projects the images to her face – taking into account her facial features.

Well, we’re impressed.

It’s the first time the team have used the technology to project images onto a human body, but if things take off we’re positive we’ll see it used in pop star concerts across the globe (Katy, Gaga, Iggy – we’re looking at you).

Check it out for yourself: