This man burst his own tooth cyst and we're both fascinated and disgusted

BRB vomming forever.

By Jess Lynch

We love the sweet relief of popping a big ol’ pimple that’s been brewing a few days as much as anyone, but what we’re about to show you makes our blemishes look like a damn cake walk.

Basically, this guy had a raging tooth infection to the point where a cyst was ~casually~ chilling on the side of his neck.

Clearly a man who likes prefers living life on the edge, rather than go to a doctor like we hope most people would when you have a second head growing from your neck, he decided to attack the bulging culprit with a pair of scissors.

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It’s all incredibly vile, but much like a solar eclipse, we know we really shouldn’t watch, but yet we cannot look away...

Don’t try this at home, friends.