This guy destroyed all of this GF's makeup and we are ready to fkn ruin him

Oh no he DIDN’T.

By Erin Cook

A fully stocked makeup kit – filled with a foundation that matches your skin tone, your perfect nude lipstick and an eyeliner that doesn’t suck – takes serious time to come together. Oh, and money, too!

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So, when we discovered this video of a man destroying his girlfriend’s makeup, we were pretty fkn mad.

The perpetrator? YouTuber Joey Salads.

Using a hammer and his bare hands, Joey smashes a few makeup palettes, tips out her foundation and smooches her Caitlyn Jenner x M.A.C. lipstick on the mirror.

Once he’s content that everything is ruined, Joey says, “I did a pretty damn good job.”

He calls his girlfriend, Tanisha, to break her heart show her what a bloody senseless mess he’d created. Naturally, she’s pretty upset but Joey keeps repeating “I love you” over and over and over. Ugh!

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However, Joey’s YouTube channel has a whole series of videos dedicated to pranks he’s pulled on his girlfriend, including surprising her with a firecracker, locking her out in the rain and driving over her makeup. With so, so many of these ‘surprise’ pranks posted over the past few months, we feel like Tanisha might be in on the joke.

We hope this latest viral makeup prank doesn’t give any scorned lovers ideas. CAN U NOT, M8?!

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