Margot Robbie reveals the secret to her long, thick red carpet hair

Before you ask, it’s not volumising powder.

By Erin Cook

It’s a scientifically proven fact* that Margot Robbie always looks shit hot on the red carpet.

With the release of Suicide Squad in early August, we’ve seen quite a lot of Margot recently as she did the rounds to promote the film. While her outfits are always on point, time and time again we find ourselves staring at her long, thick mane.

So, how does she manage to keep her hair looking so good on the red carpet?

Well, apparently there’s some smoke and mirrors involved. “I have fine, boring hair - my hair is actually totally shit,” she told Glamour. “Every time I go to an event they have like clip in hair extensions to thicken it up, not necessarily for length but just to thicken it up to make it look fuller than it is.”

Margot has hair extensions? Who’d have thunk it? “So it's not me, it's a magical hair stylist making it look good,” she continued. “The glam squad!”

When she’s not gallivanting around on the red carpet, Margot does like to use Oribe texturizing spray – “If you've got fine hair like me, you can't live without that shit.” Margot is also fond of Klorane dry shampoo because, “with blonde hair and regrowth, when you use dry shampoo, not only does it kind of cover the regrowth a bit but it's so good.”

*Okay, so it might not be a scientifically proven fact but honestly, have you ever seen Margot looking anything less than perfect? Yeah… we didn’t think so…