Married At First Sight Australia 2018: Brides before and after surgery

A little nip, tuck and walk up the aisle.

The drama on Married At First Sight is certainly ramping up right now — with cheating rumours and breakups left, right and centre. Whilst we have been well and truly sucked into the drama, we can't help but be distracted by a few brides from the show, constantly wondering if they have had any ~enchancements~.

Yes, we're talking cosmetic surgery. Who's had it? Who's denying it? And who wants more?

Obviously it doesn't really matter if any of the contestants have had plastic surgery or not, because it's completely their body and their choice — but as these ladies have been brilliantly open and honest about whether they've gone under the knife, we are able to run through exactly what Tracey, Davina and Sarah from Married At First Sight have had done.

Married At First Sight: Tracey’s plastic surgery

We learnt on the show that Tracey had a boob job, but what else has she had done?

According to Tracey's clinic in Perth, the MAFS star has had facial reshaping and contouring, as well as skin rejuvenation — including vampire facials and peels. Tracey also spoke to Daily Mail to admit that she has had fillers and skin tightening.

Here's Tracey back in the day, versus the Tracey we see on screen today.

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Married At First Sight: Davina’s plastic surgery

Davina is majorly stirring the pot on Married At First Sight at the moment, casually having a bit of a fling with Dean. But what cosmetic surgery has she had?

She has admitted to breast implants, but when speaking to NW, she revealed she wants more. "I feel like surgery and filler is the way of the future," she explained. "I've had a boob job, but now I want to go full Kim K with a Brazilian butt lift."

Here's Davina in the early days of her bikini modelling career, compared to the Davina we know from the show.

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Married At First Sight: Sarah’s plastic surgery

Loveable Sarah is actually a beauty therapist by trade — hence why her face is always on fleek on the show. But what does she do beyond makeup?

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"I've had dermal filler around the piercing hole to make my earlobes nice and perky so that when I wear heavy earrings they don't drag my earlobes down," she told Daily Mail. "I have had Botox on my forehead only. Everything else is au naturel baby! I really look after myself with excellent skincare."

However, Sarah actually appeared on the Amazing Race Australia a few years back, where you can spot that she sported a smaller pout.

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