How to get more life out of your mascara


By Erin Cook

While it’s easy to pop down to the shop and buy a mascara, it’s hard to find the mascara.

You know – a mascara that does exaaaaactly what you want it to. Perhaps it separates your clumpy lashes just right. Or maybe it gives your eyelashes some kick-ass volume. Every gal’s lashes need something different and the perfect mascara is worth it’s weight in gold.

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If your MVP mascara is coming to an end, we have a trick for you.

To get more life out of your flailing, dried up mascara, try squeezing a few eye drops into the tube. Two to four drops should do the trick. Then, pop the lid back on, shake it up and – voila! – you’re good to go.

This trick will get you over the line until you have time to pop into Sephora and grab a new one.

HOWEVER!(!!!) This doesn’t mean you can salvage an old mascara from a year ago. (Ugh, gross.) Your eyes are super precious – you’ve only got two of them – and using mascara that’s over six months old could leave you with an eye infection.