This long-wear liquid lipstick is the real deal (like, actually lasts 16 hours) and we are shook

No, but really.

maybelline super stay matte ink liquid lipstick

Full disclosure: we were paid to write this post. But, and it's a big BUT, even if we weren't, we'd write it anyway. Not just 'cause we take the search for long-wear lipsticks seriously (we do), but 'cause it impressed us beyond our wildest hopes. Kinda like Thor: Ragnarok. (Go for the guns, leave in physical pain from so many LOLs.) The point is, epic lipstick or movie find, you just can't stop talking about it.

Anyone who's ever gone out with the simple goal (ha) of finding the perfect long-lasting matte lipstick probably has a clear idea of what it feels like to lose hours of your life and question whether you're asking way too much of the universe.

You can find the dream matte texture, but it has no staying power. Or a great colour that's drier than Daria's dialogue. Or a 10/10 applicator with the poorest pigment pay-off. Or vice versa x infinity. Like just because you like matte textures and long-wearing lipstick you're suddenly a major fkn diva.

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Thankfully, the good people at Maybelline New York get our plight and delivered a legit game-changer (a word that gets thrown around wayyyyy too often and should really be reserved for moments like this that really do change EVERYTHING) in the long-lasting matte lipstick category: a product that does both. Matte colour and longevity.

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Maybelline New York SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick, $19.95, takes double-duty beauty to the next level. You get full-opaque matte coverage that legit doesn't budge. All day. (Srsly unless you come in contact with an oil-based makeup remover, it's going nowhere.) You get gorj nudes and take-no-BS brights.

You get all-day-wear and no flakiness or feeling like you want to lick your lips 11 millions times a day 'cause they're so damn dry. You get a perfectly-precise application (thanks to the clever arrow applicator) with zero drag 'cause it goes on wet and dries matte. You get one-slick colour that actually looks the same as what the packaging promised. You get to wear lipstick and eat and kiss without it going MIA.

You basically get everything you've ever wanted out of a long-wear matte lipstick.

And it's not just us going crazy for it, SuperStay Matte Ink is getting rave reviews OS (part of the reason we're so damn excited about it tbh). Even our finalists in the Cosmopolitan & Tinder's Bachelor of the Year 2018 awards have given it their seal-of-approval. Smug emoji face.

There's really nothing else to say other than it's amazing. We're wearing it RN (in Lover, in case you care; Heroine is our Friday night fave). Go try, buy, test it on your hand and marvel at its ~magic~ staying power. You won't regret it.

Sponsored by Maybelline New York. Maybelline New York SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick, $19.95, is available from supermarkets, pharmacies, variety and independent stores. Available now.