Mermaid makeup brushes are making a splash

Under-the-sea is the new unicorn.

By Meg Bellemore

Oval, toothbrush-style makeup brushes are making waves in beauty world, thanks to their dense, synthetic bristles and flat surfaces that are easy to buff over the skin.

Only problem is, they look seriously clinical, like you're moving a toothbrush or Ariel's hair brush over your skin, and not to sound basic, but we like brushes that look as pretty as their purpose.

Enter: Mermaid brushes! The handles on these holographic tools look legitimately like scaly mermaid tails and even the bristles are an ocean-esque ombre.

They’re a bit cheaper than the very popular, original toothbrush tools from Artis, retailing at $24.99 USD for a set of four at Royal and Langnickel Professional Makeup Brushes.

Imagine applying unicorn highlighter with one of these? That’d be some double rainbow sh*t right there.

You can literally achieve any finish with the kit — contour, highlight and airbrush like Nikki French Makeup here.

While these majestic tools are yet to hit strawberry net or oz, this glam clam comes pretty close to fulfilling our under-the-sea beauty dreams. And there’s always mermaid hair contouring to keep us appeased for the mome.