Ladies, we’re having a war on waste RN, and this is the one weapon you need to fight it

See ya later tampons.

By Katie Stow

Let's face it: Periods are trashy. They bring us crippling womb pain, spiking emotions and an uncontrollable urge to eat all the chocolate on earth. But did you know that our periods contribute to a hell of a lot of environmental waste too?

Currently just one woman uses up to 500 disposable pads and tampons in a single year — which is multiple wheelie bins of rubbish or one massively clogged toilet. (Ps. Don't flush your tampons down the loo, people, it really stuffs up the sewage system and fucks up the ocean. So don't be mean to turtles.)

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Now before you have an emotional breakdown about destroying the planet, there is a solution!

You can easily trade in your disposable period products for even better sustainable ones, and look hella cute in doing so.

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500 disposable pads and tampons can be swapped out for one Lunette cup and seven pairs of Modibodi undies. And they will last you a goddamn lifetime.

If some of the words in that previous sentence have confused you, let us break it down for you…

A Lunette cup is a little silicone pot that you pop up to collect your period blood. Much like a tampon, it just sits up there doing its thing while you go about your day, and then when you go to change it (which you only need to do twice a day) you give it quick rinse in the sink and then pop it back in.

Get the low down on all things moon cup with this article below:

Then Modibodi period pants are a GENIUS invention (and are Australian designs, may we add) that take all the stress out of menstruation. They are basically super cute undies with a built in pad, meaning you can wear them pretty much all day and then chuck them in the washing machine after use before slipping on another sexy pair.

This sounds basic, but there is some hectic science behind this magical undies, which is explained in this handy video:

Using Modibodi undies (which you can shop here) by themselves, or pairing them up with a Lunette moon cup, means you can fight the good fight for the war on waste while making your monthly visit from Mother Nature 5000% better.

...Okay that percentage may not be verified by ~actual~ statistics, but the Cosmo team have fully converted to this Modibodi life and have never looked back. Check out the Cosmo review below — but be warned, it's pretty graphic!