This makeup artist has gone viral for turning herself into Mona Lisa

And she nailed her famous side eye.

By Ana Eksouzian-Cavadas
mona lisa makeup

As much as we consider a full face beat to be a work of art, we've got nothing on this woman's literal masterpiece.

Just last week, Instagram user Yuya Mika posted a video to her grid which shows her transformation from regular gal to Leonardo da Vinci's most famous portrait — the Mona Lisa. And if you ever thought you had strong contour game, you've got nothing on these Renaissance-worthy chiselling skills.

To nail the famous face, Yuya put on a heavy dose of foundation, and a touch of concealer, to even out her skintone. Then, she then took a dark brown liquid contour pen to her nostrils, brow bone, upper nose and cheek bones, and buffed it out with a beauty blender to replicate the shadows in the portrait.

And to top it all off, she took a grey eyeshadow to edges of her lips, her chin, and all over her eyelids to mimic the famous face's bone structure, and amp up the da Vinci realness. Of course, Yuya finished the look by channelling Mona Lisa's famous side eye.

Honestly, we were a little freaked out at how realistic the end result was, but here's no denying that Yuya's Mona Lisa could easily rival the OG version.

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She also tackled another one of da Vinci's paintings, 'Lady with an Ermine', tapping her pet cat to co-star in her replica.

Most recently, Yuya put down the art history books and took a stab at an equally famous face, this time choosing to twin with Marilyn Monroe.

We cannot look away.

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