This nail polish might just be destroying women’s nails

And the damage looks horrifying.

This nail polish might just be destroying women’s nails

Nail polish brand Mentality have found themselves in a bit of a pickle after claims their products have caused serious damage to nails, and the pictures are pretty nasty.

As you can see, the nails appear to have peeled away from the nail bed, which in scientific terms is actually a nail disorder known as onycholysis. Somebody call the doctor, please.

The blog, The Mercurial Magpie has been following the whole ordeal very closely, incuding even more disturbing pics and other testimonials.

Understandably, the women have all been upset about the situation, but they became even more enraged when the US-based brand released a statement on their Facebook page claiming they were experiencing a “sensitivity” to a new base ingredient in the product.

Company co-owner, Danny Dannels went on an epic rant which came across as pretty rude and the drama doesn’t stop there. They posted on Facebook that they wouldn’t be reissuing the polish... and then it later went on sale anyway. WTF?

They also admitted that faulty product testing is “ridiculously expensive” and that they were “pouring all of our assets and time into remaking collections for our fans.”


According to a statement from Dannels, he believes there’s “confusion about the term ‘testing’ in the public forum”. He also said that they quality control tested regularly because “we wear the various polish batches, often inadvertently. All of my clothes have polish on them.”

Apparently they’re not required to do the same sorts of ingredient testing which are mandatory for large manufacturers because their brand is so small.

Testing aside though, their communication strategy with customers is not the most professional and more than anything, we really feel for these women and their poor nails.