These new fake tan formulas will make you want to kiss your go-to mousse goodbye

Hello, streak-free tan. 👋

Fake Tan

Finding the perfect fake tan that is not only the right under-tone for your skin, but applies streak-free can sometimes seem impossible. For years, fake tan was only associated with blotchy patches, orange knuckles, elbows and ankles, and an unpleasant smell that would follow you around for days.

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Well, thankfully we're in the year of 2017, and fake tans have reached a completely new level of complexity. The science, tech, and beauty gods have collaborated to unveil some kick-ass self-tanners in formulas you never thought could exist!

Here, we round up seven new fake tan formulas you NEED to try. They'll have you looking like a ~bronzed goddess~, trust us.

Elle effect

Earlier this month, Australian social media star Elle Ferguson launched her very own tanning mousse, aptly named Elle Effect. We've been admiring Elle's long bronzed legs on Instagram since, well, the dawn of social media; rain, hail or shine, girlfriend always has an A+ tan. So if there's anyone we trust to create a streak-free golden tan, it's Elle.

Elle Effect tan kit, $49.95 at

Bondi Sands Express Self Tanning Foam

Fun fact: Bondi Sands is (by far!) the best-selling line of fake tanning products at Priceline. Recently, they outdid themselves with a new launch: Bondi Sands Express Self Tanning Foam. This new product develops in just one hour, giving you enough time to do a quick tan on a Saturday afternoon, and still be at your BFF's house by 6pm.

Bondi Sands Express Self Tanning Foam, $24.99 at Priceline.

Roxy Tan

Introducing the latest addition to Skinny Tan's collection of tanning products: Roxy Tan. Sydney-based PR queen and Skinny Tan brand ambassador Roxy Jacenko loved the 7 Day Tanner so much, they created a a deeper, darker shade just for her.

Roxy Tan 7 Day Tanner Ultimate Dark, $24.95 at

Tan-Luxe Illuminating Face & Body Highlighter

This product is a gloss formula which is designed to blend naturally with your skin tone, meaning you will never have an artificial-looking orange complexion again. The best part? It's a highlighter and instant tanner in one, so your body can ~glow~ like a Victoria's Secret model.

Tan-Luxe 'The Gloss' Illuminating Face & Body Highlighter, $66.99, at Net-A-Porter.

James Read H20 Tan Mist

This lightweight, gradual tan is mess-free. Yes you read that correctly: no more orange sheets! It's a colourless cooling mist for the face that gives a radiant and glowing complexion. You can also use it as a makeup primer, setter and refresher. So it's basically four products in one.

James Read H20 Tan Mist, $37, at Mecca.

St Tropez Self Tan Express Sheet Mask

St Tropez recently introduced a ground-breaking tanning infused face mask. You can control the depth of your tan by leaving it on for five, ten, or 15 minutes. It's also super hydrating and is the easiest way to get an even natural-looking tan on your face.

St Tropez Self Tan Express Sheet Mask, $13, at Priceline.

Skinny Tan Tan & Tone Oil

Skinny Tan has released a dry oil which is designed for women on the go. It has cellulite-fighting agents and repairs dry skin, leaving you with a glowing complexion. Leave it on for four-to-six hours to achieve your desired tan.

Skinny Tan Tan & Tone Oil, $30, at Priceline.

Kate Somerville Body Self Tan Towelettes

Forget the mess associated with traditional mousse or spray-on tans — Kate Somerville have introduced self-tan towelettes for the body which give you an even glow from one simple swipe. It's quick, easy, AND works with your skin's own proteins to get that natural glowing tan.

Kate Somerville Body Self Tan Towelettes, $70, at Mecca.

St Tropez Gradual In Shower Tan

This next generation of gradual tan can give you a glowing complexion in as little as three minutes. All you have to do is apply it once in the shower, leave for three minutes and your tan will start to develop — a lazy girl's dream.

St Tropez Gradual In Shower Tan, $40, at Priceline.

Le Tan Uber Dark Self-Tanning Foam

This tan comes in three different bases (Violet, Ash and Green) to suit differing skin tones, so you'll never have to worry about having the wrong under-toned tan again. It's also fragrance-free, so people won't be able to tell when you have an excessive amount of tan on – DW, we've all been there.

Le Tan Uber Dark Self-Tanning Foam, $15, at Priceline.