MAC teamed up with a tetrachromat for their new Liptensity collection

A tetrachromat can see 100 more colours than you or I.

By Erin Cook

Another day, another ~glorious~ MAC product announcement.

Recently, we whooped and cheered at the news that MAC are about to release a set of three new highlighters. And now, we’ve caught wind that the cosmetics giant will drop their latest line of lipsticks in October.

Why are we so excited? Well, MAC didn’t exactly follow the status quo during the development stages of the new Liptensity collection.

They enlisted the help of Tetrachromat Maureen Seaburg to help create the 24 intense shades that come together to create the full set. In case you were wondering, a tetrachromat is someone ~blessed~ with the ability to see around 100 more colours than the rest of us. Basically, these guys see things in technicolour. (Okay, not really. But kind of…)

The 24 new lipsticks range from nude to purple to coral to pink. Not only are the colours to die for, they’re also bursting with pigment.

Honestly, what ELSE do MAC have up their fabulous, well-manicured sleeves?

The MAC Liptensity collection will hit shelves in Australia on 10 October.

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