This new mascara looks like false lashes and we are not coping

This is not a drill.

britney spears confused face

When it comes to mascara, most women are quite particular about their chosen wand. Some rate a big brush, others a slimline one. Some will only use fibre wands, others swear by a plastic polymer one. And don't even get us started on the whole wet ‘n glossy formula versus a thicker, creamier texture.

One thing I guess we can all agree on — given that most of us will drop close to five grand on mascara in our lifetime — is that we're all looking for The One. A mascara that ticks every length/volume/curl/jet black/clump-free/non-smudge box and saves us from a life of false lash fails forever.

Well, get ready guys. ‘Cause we've found it.

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We first came across L'Oréal Paris False Lash X Fiber Mascara when makeup artist LEGEND Val Garland casually mentioned that it was her personal fave. Interesting.

Then we found out it was the number one mascara in both Boots and Superdrug — the U.K.'s versions of Priceline — which is a pretty big deal, tbh. Side note: why do they get all the fun stuff first?

But the real clincher was hearing that eighty percent of women who had tried it said it was as dramatic as FALSE LASHES.


Normally we wouldn't believe such obvious sorcery, but take a look for yourself: the pictures do not lie. On the left are false lashes — both natural-looking falsies and dramatic Friday-night-dranks falsies, because we are nothing if not thorough in our pursuit of the perfect mascara — and on the right is L'Oréal Paris False Lash X Fiber Mascara. Again with a more natural daytime application (read: one coat), then a loaded-up lash look (read: three coats) for a fair comparison. Take a look. Slide away...

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^ Falsies on the left, mascara on the right


The trick is the fibres. It's got 20 times more fibres than the brand's previous Superstar Mascara, which basically helps to create a realistic 3D effect similar to fake lashes and eyelash extensions. Plus, the whole two-step formula (which isn't new, but still works like a charm) helps give great volume length.

For those not familar with the ol’ two-step mascara, it consists of a volumising primer which you then follow up with a lengthening jet-black formula. It adds approx. 0.07 seconds to your makeup routine, but is totally worth it for a flirtier flutter.

In closing, we're not saying that falsies are dead to us forever, but we ARE saying that getting epic lashes worthy of an exxy eyelash extension appointment just got hella easier.

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