The next big things in nails

It’s time to step up your manicure game.

Over the decades (which is actually centuries in nail years given that a manicure can sometimes only last 10 minutes), we’ve seen countless trends such as french tips and glitter, and innovations like gel and Shellac, but nothing has really tickled us quite as much as these new creations. Prepare for your best manicure yet.

Jelly nails

The arrival of the jelly nail trend is one that we could incorporate into our lives forever because it makes things easy.

After the minimum three coats of polish which is mandatory with every manicure (a base, colour - sometimes x2 - and a top coat) to avoid the streaky, sheer look, our nails inevitably smudge due to the said building of lacquer.

Which is exactly why the jelly option is the low maintenance, lazy girls answer to (im)perfect nails. You only need one coat to create a certain level of sheerness to colour ratio.

To create them at home, you'll need to look for polishes with bright yet translucent colour, much like the old school jelly sandals, or jelly itself. Hence the name.

We’re currently anticipating the release of OPI’s Color Paints Blendable Lacquer (pictured) in September, because they’re semi-translucent and super vivid, and will save us SO much time and smudging sadness. Long live the jelly nail!

They’ll be available at select salons, Myer and David Jones; RRP $19.95.

Nail masks

For the latest in nourishing your nails, look no further than nail masks.

Just like face and hair masks, nail masks are happening and they can work wonders in terms of restoring your fingers to their (almost) newborn baby glory.

They’re essentially finger puppet-style pouches saturated with goodness like glycerin, shea butter and fruit extracts which can help strengthen your nails, condition your cuticles and all-round make them pretty.

3D nail art

Nail art, schmail art. But 3D nail art, now that’s one we can get on board with.

We don’t predict we’ll have creatures dancing on our nails anytime soon, but this mega cool video (watch above) by Japanese production company, Taiyo Kikaku, at least gives us some hope.

“Maybe in 10 years, or in 20 years, every nail salon might use a 3-D printer to create their nail art,” Mizuki Kawano, the video's director, told Refinery 29.

And let us just say, when the time does arise, we request Beyoncé's dance routines on ALL of our fingers.

We can't wait.