According to Pinterest, THIS is going to be the #1 nail trend of 2017

Prepare to sparkle.

By Erin Cook

You guys, Pinterest have seen into the future, and they’ve shared the good news: chrome nails are set to be the #1 nail trend for 2017.

Wondering what chrome nails are, exactly?

Gigi Hadid was one of the first to embrace the trend as part of her costume for the Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology themed Met Gala earlier in 2016.

Otherwise, one quick scroll through the #mirrornails or #chromenails hashtags on Instagram reveals a truckload of reflective inspiration.

Check out these bad boys.

This prediction was made as part of the Pinterest 100 for 2017, where the website’s insights team predicted what’s coming up in interiors, hair, gardening and more.

TBH, we’re ready to embrace as many of Pinterest’s predictions as possible by eating vegan nachos, while wearing a slip dress and sitting in our farmhouse styled lounge room. YAS PLS!