Is this the best makeup review of all time? We say yes

“I was hit by a car and through the hit itself, the rain, the ambulance ride… my makeup stayed intact.”

By Erin Cook

We’ve tried a few setting sprays in our time. (Literally! Read our trial of 5 setting sprays here.) But we’re still searching for the be-all and end-all of finishing sprays. You know, one that will really keep our makeup in place all day long.

Introducing NYX Cosmetics' Matte Finish Setting Spray.

If this viral makeup review is anything to go by, NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray could be the setting spray we’ve been looking for. Apparently, it’s so good, your makeup won't budge, even if you get hit by a car!(!!)

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On June 8 this year, a girl named Sofia left a review on the Ulta website:

For two months, Sofia’s review sat unnoticed within the depths of Ulta’s site. But when someone discovered this little gem, it subsequently went viral.

We really, really! hope this review isn’t a fake.