Peach coloured hair is the spring beauty trend you NEED to see

Feelin’ fruity?

By Erin Cook

You guys, peach coloured hair is officially having a moment.

Until recently, peach is a colour we’d never really considered for our strands. Sure, peach is a wonderful fruit and a great emoji - particularly if you’re cracking jokes with your BFF about butts – but as a hair colour? We weren’t convinced.

That is, until Kylie Jenner went and dyed her hair a peach coloured hue for Coachella. The shade was SO flattering on Kylie’s skin tone and definitely jazzed up all of her festival get-ups.

And now, Georgia May Jagger has followed suit. Recently, the model had her mane dyed by Alex Brownsell at Bleach London. Somehow, the fruity shade gives Georgia a look that says pretty and feminine and rock ‘n’ roll at the same time! We’re not sure how it works but it does.

BRB, just have to print off a few peach coloured references for the hairdresser.

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