People are now getting pubic hair transplants (!!!)

Yes, really.

People are now getting pubic hair implants

Turns out all that cash you’ve been dropping on permanent hair removal and waxing is a big mistake! Well, it is if you share the opinion of these ladies who dream of having a fuller bush.

Some women want more hair down there so much they’re willing to fork out around $2,000 to get pubic hair transplants. And, as it turns out, having "insufficient amounts" of pubic hair has a medical name, pubic atrochosis or hypotrichosis, according to the Korean Association of Medical Journal Editors.

A Korean-American writer reporting on the trend for Refinery 29 says the pressure from fellow ladies in changing rooms (and not men in the bedrooms) is causing approximately 10% of women in Korea who have this so-called disorder to book themselves a transplant.

While a more natural down-there look is usually avoided in Western societies, in Korea pubic hair is a sign of sexual health and fertility which is why some women have taken it one step further – with bush grafting.

The procedure takes between 2 – 4 hours to complete and involves a thin strip of scalp being harvested into the skin on the pubic area. But these women aren’t just getting hairs placed haphazardly. Oh, no. They carefully choose what shape they’d like to adorn their vaginas with.

The two most popular styles (with 87% of women choosing them), are a shield and fan shape, according to a Korean blog run by a hair restoration clinic.

Whether you’ve got a preference for hair or no hair, one thing’s for sure. You shouldn’t be feeling any societal pressure to undergo an expensive and painful procedure just to keep up with a ‘trend’. It’s your bush, after all. Do what you want with it.