Personalised shampoo exists and we could ALL benefit from it in our lives

Where do we sign up?

By Erin Cook

Have you heard the news? Off-the-shelf beauty products are so 2015. We’re all about customised beauty now.

Introducing Function of Beauty shampoo and conditioner. Not only can you personalise the formula of the hair cleansing duo, you can also pick the colour, fragrance and add your name to the bottle.

To get the full experience, one must start by filling out a questionnaire on They’ll ask you questions about the health of your hair and your ultimate #HairGoals. (Don’t worry, the questions aren’t too invasive. You can keep your beauty regrets to yourself.)

Then – and this could possibly be the best part – they’ll even let you pick from a variety of six pastel colours, four fragrances and the fragrance strength. The nice folk over at Function of Beauty sure do know how to make a girl feel special.

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Beauty editors from websites across the internet, including Hello Giggles and Style Caster swear by the stuff. And according to user reviews on Reddit, if you aren’t happy with the formula, they’ll work with you and send you a reformulation.

Unfortunately, Function of Beauty doesn’t ship to Australia just yet. Although, you know how Australia Post launched ShopMate – a mail forwarding service for the USA? This might be the right time to use it.

In that case, we’ll take five bottles of each, thanks!