The #1 predicted hair trend on Pinterest is perfect for ~lazy girls~


By Erin Cook

Hands up who’d prefer to sleep for an extra 10 minutes over doing their hair in the morning?

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Okay, great. You’re going to love this news…

Pinterest recently revealed their trend predictions for 2017 and for hair, they think ‘braid-made’ waves are going to have a serious moment next year.

Basically, ‘braid-made’ is short for no-heat curls created by sleeping in braids. It’s simple, won’t damage your hair and requires minimal time in front of the mirror. Sounds pretty perfect to us.

The insights team over at Pinterest forecasted this trend based on the fact that no-heat styles increased in popularity by 40% this year.

Here is a list of things you could do with that extra 10 minutes before work:

  • Make and drink a coffee.
  • Catch up on the morning news.
  • Call your mum.
  • Put the rubbish out.
  • Make Poptarts.
  • Clean up your housemate’s mess in the kitchen.

Sounds like a dream come true, right? (Well, except for doing your roommate's dishes. He should bloody well do them himself, thank-you-very-much.) We certainly hope that Pinterest’s prediction for ‘braid-made’ hair does come true.