Proof the 'oil-treats-oil' method really clears acne

The "OCM" is finally gaining popularity.

By Meg Bellemore
oil skin treatment

The concept of oil-based products being particularly compatible with our skin makes perfect sense. Oil-based things mesh well with other oil based-things. It’s simple science.

However when it comes to treating pimples, the formula often just doesn’t feel right.

When a vicious group of red pustules crop up, our immediate reaction is to dry-out the little suckers with as much salicylic acid as possible, but, after seeing the below before and after pics, we are really reconsidering our go-to method.

We wouldn’t usually consider Imgur a great platform for beauty advice, but in this case, it’s bang on, finally proving what we’ve heard to be true for ages. Oil really does dissolve oil, making oily skin less oily.


This Imgur users two year skin transformation involved daily cleansing with hemp seed oil.

From 2014 to 2016 she took a photo of her skin every week, and the difference in her skin texture within just the first two weeks is huge.

The beginning.
The beginning.
After two weeks.
After two weeks.

After two years of cleansing with the oil and nothing else, her acne cleared completely.

How does one cleanse with oil? Well, you simply massage it into damp skin like you would a cream, foam or gel cleanser, then remove is with a muslin or microfiber cloth. After that, you apply a few drops of oil all over, and let it sink in. Cinch.


Stick to the ones that are non-comedogenic. Jojoba oil, argan oil and hemp seed oil are all good, skin-nourishing picks. Check out some reputable brands here.

Still not taken by the oil cleansing method? This Reddit thread brought to our attention by StyleCaster might change your mind. After two hours of trawling the thread, it’s safe to say we’ll be trailing the “OCM” to help cure our seasonal combination skin ASAP.