Queer Eye's Johnathan Van Ness spills his go-to products for tackling psoriasis

Yes henny!

By Ana Eksouzian-Cavadas
jonathan van ness skincare psoriasis products

If there's one thing that Queer Eye has taught us, it's that Jonathan Van Ness knows the sh*t out of skincare. He loves a little self-care moment, and has proven time and time again that a few simple beauty tricks can be incredibly transformative.

Let's face is, JVN is an absolute god and we're just lucky to witness his greatness.

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But while the grooming guru is busy providing a wealth of knowledge on the show, he's also working out his own personal skin issues behind the scenes.

Earlier this year, Jonathan got real about his experiences with psoriasis in an untouched photo on Instagram, captioning the post with this ultra-empowering statement: "Sickeningly Gorge, I left my psoriasis & my body unretouched, why should I dim my shine henny?" YAS!

More recently, JVN took to Instagram to celebrate his 6 month milestone of being psoriasis flare free. While he used the post to chalk his lack of psoriasis up to a little gratitude journaling, he does have a few go-to prods to calm flares and sensitive skin.

In a recent interview with Into The Gloss, JVN spilled on the specific skin-loving ingredients he lathers on to soothe, and prevent, any psoriasis flare ups. "It's all about calming, and keeping it clear," he explained. "My skin is sensitive, so I try not to do crazy aggressive things to it."

The grooming guru loves to apply products containing vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, and BHAs to kerb his psoriasis symptoms.

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Here, we round up his favourite products to tackle skin flare ups.