WTF: Eyebrow hairs in a jar exist, and we’re not sure how to feel

The brow’s answer to lash extensions.

By Ana Eksouzian-Cavadas
reallyyy brow hair gel

Yes, we've been trying to nail Cara Delevingne's lion mane-esque eyebrows for some time now. And yes, we've searched the ends of the earth for the perfect brow product to replicate them.

But there's only so far we would go on our mission for a thick, fluffy brow — and we're not 100 per cent sure that includes swiping fake hairs on our face.

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J-Beauty brand Reallyyy?, however, are on board with this brow-thickening tactic, offering an actual jar of loose hair-like fibres to those with major thin brow woes.

First going viral in 2017, Vogue Korea brought the whack 'Eyebrow Extension' brow gel to our attention by swatching it on Instagram, and TBH, we kind of though it looked a little creepy at first glance.

But now, the eyebrow's answer to lash extensions is making a comeback, and we're finally coming around to it.

Okay, most of us couldn't stomach swiping fake hair on our face, but you have to admit that this product would work miracles for those with patchy, sparse brows.

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And if you're a little spooked by the idea of microblading your brow hairs on, then you should look no further than this jelly/hair concoction!