13 reasons you need a manicure

Stop putting it off and go get your nails did, gurrrl!

By Amelia Bowe
13 reasons you need a manicure

You can pick up your fashion game even further by using your mani as an accessory – just match or clash with your outfit and you’ll look next level stylish.

Your other half or house-y can do the washing up because “I just painted my nails - sorry!" (No matter what they try and tell you, it is a valid excuse).

Taking a bite out of a huge hamburger (and eating with your fingers in general) suddenly looks more glam than trampy.

Painting your nails forces you to stop and think (for up to 40 minutes if you let them dry properly) so you can brainstorm work ideas and life plans, then reap the brownie points later.

You can look pulled together even if you’re in your trackies at the video store. Does anyone go to a video store anymore? ANYWAY…

You can concentrate on typing for longer – even if what you’re typing is boring, because your nails just look saaaaaah purrdy.

If your manicure includes an exfoliation and massage, it’ll improve your blood flow, which is great for spreading heat around your body in winter.

It stops you from biting your nails, which not only keeps them in good nick, it also means you’re avoiding the consumption of yucky germs that hang out underneath your nail plate. Eww.

You feel super profesh and important when you’re texting – especially if they’re red. #PowerMani

If you’re having your manicure done by a profesh in a relaxing environment, it's a chance to switch off and de-stress.

Regularly trimming and filing your nails, as well as having your manicurist check for any hangnails or other nasties, helps keep your fingers healthy. That body part is often overlooked even though it does so much hard work.

Painting each other’s nails is a great way to spend quality time with your bestie. Busy fingers means no texting or Insta-stalking when you should really be listening to each other. (Come on, we’re all guilty).

Your hands are one of the first places to show signs of ageing, halt that with an exfoliating mani get rid of old skin cells and help regenerate new ones.