Redditors have found the best brow hack for red heads

Praise be!

By Ana Eksouzian-Cavadas
Red Head Eyebrow Product Hack

If there's one beauty lesson we've learnt, it's that you should NEVER underestimate the wealth of hair and skincare knowledge found on Reddit. Avid Redditors have come to our rescue on more than one occasion, solving the niche beauty issues we all have but just can't seem to resolve.

Their cosmetic-focused threads have provided us with lazy girl-approved tips for cleaning makeup brushes, holy-grail oily skincare suggestions, and the ultimate product to nix whiteheads for good. And now, they've come up with the redhead brow hack to end all redhead brow hacks.

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As spotted by Allure, Reddit users have found a genius way around the limited shade ranges for brow products.

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Reddit user rilayaslace reached out to the ever-informative sub-feed, MakeupAddicts, in a desperate plea for redhead-specific beauty advice. "Does anyone know of a good drugstore eyebrow product for red hair?" she said. "I just dyed my hair red/auburn [sic] and my hair is naturally brown so my eyebrows don't match any suggestions?"

Thankfully, her fellow fiery-haired ladies came to her rescue by offering a slightly unexpected solution to her brow woes.

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One user said she too has recently dyed her hair red, and turns to lip liner to colour match her now warm-toned brows.

"I use a lip pencil or an eyeshadow and set it with the clear [Anastasia Beverly Hills] brow gel," she said. Another commenter supported this claim, saying she too has used both lip liner and eyeliner to shape, and fill in, her arches. Didn't we tell you? Genius!

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If you're not game enough to take your liner from your lips to your brows, commenters also spruiked dozens of their tried-and-tested products. One gave a shout out to Colourpop's Precision Brow Pencil ($7 at Colourpop) and Precision Brow Colour pomade ($8 at Colourpop) in both 'Red Head' and 'Arched Auburn'.

Another gave major props to MAC's Eyebrow Styler in 'Lingering' ($33 at MECCA) and Veluxe Brow Liner in 'Redhead' ($35 at MAC).

Red-haired ladies, we got you!

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