This Reddit user shared her routine to eliminate blackheads for good

She’s only been doing it for a month, but the results are CRAY!

blackhead removal reddit yoofka

Although we all have a slightly sick satisfaction with removing blackheads, we don't exactly enjoy seeing a smattering of them all over our face. So if someone told us they knew how to get rid of blackheads for good, you better believe we'd drop any other product. Well, get ready to take all the notes, because one Reddit user seems to have found the holy grail of blackhead cures.

Recently, a woman on Reddit - who goes by the name of yoofka - shared a post, 'The difference one month makes: blackheads'. In it, she details the exact skincare products she's used for the past month to give blackheads the boot. And her before and after shots are seriously impressive!

To begin, yoofka uses a cleansing oil to remove any excess makeup or debris from the skin, and because oil dissolves oil, this type of cleanser also helps to loosen any gunk in your pores. She then follows by exfoliating her skin with NEOGEN Dermalogy Bio-Peel Gauze in Green Tea to slough off any impurities that have come to the surface following her oil cleanse.

Next, yoofka uses Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser, a mild face wash that cleanses the skin without over-drying. She then applies Differin gel to a clean face and follows with a good dose of Aquafor Healing Ointment.

Yoofka finishes her routine with a toner, and although she's been questioned on using it following her moisturiser, she insists that her skin is "brighter and softer and more supple" because of it.

According to yoofka, these last few steps are totally essential. She gives the combination of the NEOGEN exfoliating pads, Differin and Aquafor credit for transforming her skin and making the biggest(!) difference to her blackheads.

Still skeptical about this magical skin routine? The final sentence of yoofka's post might change your mind: "My skin has never been more supple or texture-less in my 22 years!"

BRB changing our whole skincare regimen.