This Reddit user’s hack for drying makeup brushes is so doable

Now we actually WANT to clean our makeup brushes.

By Erin Cook

Washing our makeup brushes is something we know we’re supposed to do all the time – specifically, every week – but if we’re being honest, it’s probably more like once a fortnight. (Or, even, once a month.)

However, now that we’ve seen this incredibly useful hack for drying makeup brushes on Reddit, we actually want to give them a wash – like, right now.

StyleCaster initially spotted Reddit user mermaiden’s post, where she wrote, “I saw some genius on here drying their brushes like this, and I was inspired to wash mine!”

Without further ado, here is the picture of the brush drying in action:

Basically, all she’s done is fasten her brushes to a rail using hairbands so that they’re facing downwards. We’ve never thought about doing this before but now that we’ve seen it, it makes so much sense!

Thank GOD for the internet.