How to do a smoky eye by REMOVING your makeup

Backwards makeup is easy. Just watch...

By Amelia Bowe

We’ve all been there. You had a wild, carefree night and you didn’t end up taking off your eye makeup properly. But instead of shock and horror the morning after, you awake to find sexy, actual bedroom eyes looking back at you in the mirror. Surprisingly, you don’t mind the smudge (except for the icky build-up of product in your tear ducts). Your lashes look longer and your eyes look effortlessly defined (because they are effortlessly defined – all you had to do was incompetently cleanse and sleep). The good news is, you don’t need to throw a huge party (which actually is heaps of effort), to get next-day eyes, you can fake it instead, and here’s how…

Start by applying your base as usual, but only prime your eyelids with foundation. Once your skin is glowing (post-bronzer, blush and highlighter application), you can turn your attention to those eyes.

Begin by sweeping taupe eye shadow across your lids.

IRL your pillow may have flattened your lashes, but since we’re only pretending that #WeWokeUpLikeThis, it’s okay to curl your lashes. After all, you don’t want to look too sleepy.

Next, apply liquid liner. The easiest way to get up close and personal with your lash line so there aren’t tell-tale gaps is to lift your chin up and towards the mirror. Then, draw small dashes along your lash line and join them together. You can also create a 45 degree angled flick at the ends of your eyes. Don’t be afraid of going overboard with the pigment or thickness of the line, (or if it’s messy), you’ll be taking some off anyway. If you can still see a few gaps between lashes and skin, you can dot the liquid liner in between lashes on your top waterline (note: dots, not a complete line).

Follow with two coats of mascara.

Now for the removal. Take a damp cotton tip and run it along your eyeliner – be sure to work from the outer corners inwards otherwise you’ll end up extending colour to your temples (and you’ll just look dirty). Avoid using eye makeup remover because you want to have residue. If your eyeliner was drawn close enough to your lashes there should still be a super thin line left on your eyelids which creates natural-looking depth for your lashes (meaning they look longer).

Afterwards, take a facial wipe (because a damp cotton pad can leave lint on your lashes), fold it over your lashes so it’s not touching your skin, and gently slide the mascara away. Only do it once on each eye as you don’t want to completely remove it. You should be left with that 'just tinted' effect.

In case you’ve wiped any of your makeup off in the process, finish by sweeping bronzer across your eyelids to blend the taupe eye shadow with the liner.

And you're good to go. No boozy night, or hangover, required.