Robyn Lawley's beauty secret

The stunning model shares her tips for looking flawless!

By Alexis Teasdale

What’s your beauty quick-trick?

“I have no time for salons and treatments and I used to pile conditioner into my hair in the shower and have to wait for it to sink in. Now I’m using Pantene 3 Minute Miracle which is perfect, because often that’s all the time I have!”

What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever been given?

“Coconut oil as a makeup remover!”.

Is there any beauty advice you'd want your daughter to know?

“I want her to be ok with her. Makeup is something to accentuate not mask. I would say be ok with who you are first.”

Any bad beauty advice you've been given?

“I remember once on a catwalk show, they said go get your lashes done over there. I didn’t realise that they were lash extensions! This was awhile ago. I had to cut them off!”

Who's your favourite hair icon?

“I love Jerry Hall’s hair from the seventies, she’s so chic. I loved Elle Macphersons hair, and Cindy Crawford hair… hair in the nineties is really my jam. That volume, but natural texture. Really iconic.”

Do you have a signature beauty look?

“I do different looks for different events. You really need to think about the lighting at an event and even the backdrop if you’re dealing with red carpets.”

If you were going to a really dressy event what makeup look would you go for?

“A black smokey eye is amazing. If I have a makeup artist at my disposable I definitely do heavy eye makeup because I can’t do it myself!”

What's your favourite lip?

“I’m a Spice Girl at heart. My favourite colour is a nineties supermodel browny coloured, spicy nude colour.”

Do you have a signature scent?

“I just love perfume, I have so many! But I love Vanilla fragrances. Sometimes different scents can give you a different memory. When I smell Calvin Klien Euphoria it takes me back to certain memories.”

What about a favourite smell?

“My favourite of all time is probably forests. But also coffee definitely, vanilla, lavender, musk and rose too.”