These rose gold unicorn makeup brushes are the sh*t dreams are made of

One word: want.

By Erin Cook

This is not a hoax: Rose gold unicorn makeup brushes exist! In real life! And if you get in quick, you could even own a set yourself!

Allow us to explain…

In mid-September, it came to our attention that UK-based cosmetics brand Unicorn Lashes were releasing a line of unicorn makeup brushes. The collection contains a fan brush, contour brush, foundation brush, powder brush, blusher brush, concealer brush, three eye shadow brushes and a brow brush. Oh – and they all come in the shape of unicorn horns.

Take a look for yourself:

Pretty amazing, huh?

These unicorn brushes sold out. TWICE. Now, there’s a waiting list of almost 1 000 people.

Yesterday, Unicorn Lashes Instagrammed a teaser for their brand spankin’ new rose gold unicorn makeup brushes. We have no words, they’re just so g’damn magical.

The company are yet to confirm an official release date. However, we do know they are part of a Royale Collection. (Could this be the start of many rose god unicorn products?!)

Could someone please (please, please, please) send us a set of these rose gold unicorn brushes, stat! We promise to take extra good care of them.

Stay tuned for more updates…

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