This dermatologist creates “pimple porn” and it’s erupting all over the internet

Her videos are disturbingly mesmerising.

Dermatologist, Dr Sandra Lee (AKA Dr Pimple Popper), has dedicated an entire YouTube channel to teaching people about their skin while giving them insight into the world of dermatology. Sounds innocent enough right? Well, think again.

Her fan base has become NEXT LEVEL insane, thanks to her extreme (and quite gory) blackhead extracting and pimple popping videos.


Yep, Dr Lee’s “pimple porn” videos have gone viral thanks to people’s now-exposed serious popping fetishes.

“I’ve really brought this sort of thing out of the closet in a way,” she explained in a recent video.

And we thought we were the only ones who got satisfaction out of a decent extraction.

Just like actual sexy time porn, the pimple kind is divided into two main categories “soft pops” and “hard pops”.

The softer version focuses on blackhead and milia extractions, while the harder variety is more your cyst and abscess exploding type-thing. Fancy that.

But it’s not all just for show.

The phenomenon has also created an opportunity for Dr Lee’s patients to have their blackheads and cysts removed for free as long as they’re happy for her to film. (These kinds of procedures aren’t generally covered under insurance as they’re considered cosmetic).

And knowing people are financially benefiting from these videos makes us feel better about watching them.

High fives self

So although they might not be everyone’s jam, it certainly has us transfixed.