Selena Gomez responds to Met Gala fake fan disaster

We've all been there Selena.

By Grace O'Neill
Selena Gomez responds to Met Gala fake fan disaster

The Met Gala is all about out-of-this-world fashion and beauty—but even by that standard, fans were confused by Selena Gomez's intense use of fake tan. Now, Sel has responded to the backlash with a hilarious/cryptic Instagram post.

Selena posted a video of her running away from the camera, still in her Met Gala dress, with the caption: "Me when I saw pictures of myself from MET".

To recap: Selena took to the red carpet on Monday night in a stunning white ruffled dress by Coach, but fans could only talk about one thing...

Selena's make-up artist, the usually on-point Hung Vanngo, was inundated with hate messages on Instagram.

Though Selena's post doesn't directly address the Great Spray Tan Incident Of 2018, the fact she didn't post any pictures of herself on the night to her Instagram grid is a sign she wasn't a fan of the look either.

We still think Selena looked beautiful (she always does) and who can't relate to the odd Bondi Sands overdose?