Guys, Selena Gomez shaved part of her head and it honestly looks SO good

Queen. 👑

By Erin Cook

Selena Gomez switches up her hair more often that we switch shoes. This year alone, Sel started off blonde, changed to brunette, grew out her curtain bangs, wore a faux fringe and then over the weekend, she shaved part of her head.

Yes, shaved.

While on set with Puma, Selena took the plunge and asked her styling team for an undercut. She debuted the new 'look' on Instagram with a high plait, saying, "Always need a subtle change."

While it looks like she has a LOT of hair in the Instagram post, Selena's natural hair is lob-length.

Selena's go-to hair stylist is Marissa Marino. But on this occasion, it was Marissa's friend and fellow hair dresser, Tim Dueñas, who got out the clippers and shaved part of Sel's hair. (No pressure or anything, Tim…)

Plenty of A-list celebrities have rocked undercuts over the years — including Kylie Jenner, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Cara Delevingne, and Natalie Dormer. The style works best of men and women who have thick, really thick or really, really thick hair. However, let the record show, growing out an undercut is tough and can literally take years.

When it comes to hair, Selena is often an early adopter of trends that later go mainstream. First, there was the lob, then the humble A-line bob and later, curtain bangs. Does this mean we'll all be wearing undercuts by this time next year?