This new makeup store accepts only selfies as currency

Yes, really.

By Erin Cook

Tell your credit cards to take five! They’ve been benched.

Thanks to the upcoming launch of The Selfie Store by mark. – coming to Sydney’s Pitt Street mall August 11-12 – beauty addicts can give their wallets a well-earned rest. At The Selfie Store, your money is no good – they accept only selfies as currency.

To sign up to the activation, click here. On the day, head down to the mark.’s stores Pitt Street location where a makeup artist will use your gorgeous self as a canvas to create a ‘look’. Then, snap a photo and post it to Instagram, taking care to use the hashtag #markbeauty.

That’s it! Voila! Mission accomplished and makeup pocketed!

If you haven’t heard of mark., that’s because it’s a brand spankin’ new line of makeup. However, you probably have heard of mark.’s big sister brand, Avon.

See you at Pitt Street on August 11.

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