7 sexy AF hair and makeup looks for your next Tinder date

Looks you'd swipe right for.

Hailey Baldwin

Ah, Tinder dates.

Whether you're a dating-app newbie or a seasoned pro (your bio is nothing short of genius), Tinder first-dates can be hella scary – and we're not just talking about the awkward do-we-go-in-for-the-hug initial greet.

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Apart from striking up a ~flowing~ convo with someone you've only ever texted, Tinder first-dates also include the challenge of making a flawless first impression on a person who has only ever seen you in a bunch of (ever-so-slightly edited) pics.

Thankfully, we've found seven hot hair and makeup looks that'll up your date-night beauty game and leave you feeling confident AF (without any help from a Valencia filter).

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